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Woodbank Farm is located near Kirkcaldy, Fife, in the east of Scotland. It is now being farmed by a fourth generation farmer Allan Clark, having been founded in 1920 by his great grandfather. Currently run as an arable farm covering 360 hectares, its main crops include strawberries, potatoes, cereals and recently wind and solar renewables. The company places strong emphasis on growing quality produce in a sustainable way, while focusing on the environment.


The farm has been growing strawberries for 30 years and has since seen many changes. It started in a traditional matted row system, then moved to raised bed production, covered by polytunnels over an area of 30 hectares. The main varieties grown are: Malling Centenary, Sonata and Elsanta, plus a few other trial varieties. The farm has settled on a low density soil based system. With this system,  we believe we can produce a plant with more vigour to withstand pest and disease pressure and also a better flavoured strawberry with less intensive input.  The strawberry season is seasonal, stretching from late May until mid September, to capture as much sun from the long Scottish summer days as possible. Strawberries are packed on site and sold to most of the main supermarkets in the UK and some local outlets. The Berrylicious Strawberry stall was set up to sell fruit on the farm to local customers and has received fantastic feedback from customers, some people travelling many miles to come and sample the delicious strawberries.


The farm currently grows about 70 hectares of potatoes. The main varieties grown are Maris Piper, Rooster and Osprey, for sale to the main UK supermarkets throughout the year.


The farm grows 280 hectares of cereals split between Spring Barley and Winter wheat. All of its Spring Barley is grown for malting and all Winter wheat is sold to the nearby Cameron Bridge distillery.

Employment Opportunities and Recruitment

The farm currently employs 200 workers at its peak production time, in midsummer. Many come from Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, etc.) and live in fully equipped mobile homes. Work starts in May and lasts until mid September. Allan W Clark & Sons is always looking to recruit staff to help with harvesting, packing and general farm work around the farm.
If you are interested in this opportunity please send an email to: clark@woodbankfarm.co.uk
You can also find more information and make contact on the facebook page Woodbank Farm  https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=woodbank%20farm  or 
 https://www.facebook.com/woodbank.farm . You could also send us a message  bellow.
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Monday to Sunday 9:15 -18:00
(Mid May-September)

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